The stars in your production won't shine without the proper lighting conditions. With Paramount on Location, we offer a staggering amount of fixture options from names you trust like Mole, ARRI, Kino Flo, LTM, ETC and K5600. Utilizing a variety of technologies like HMI, tungsten, quartz and fluorescent, you'll find your optimal lighting from the tiniest spots to giant overheads.

HMI Lights
• Fresnel – 575W, 1200W, 2500W, 6000W, 12,000W, 18,000W
• Par – 200W, 1200W, 2500W, 6000W, 4000W, 12,000W
• All Lights Include Globes, Magnetic Ballasts, Diffusion Set, Door and Gel Frame
• Digital Ballasts Also Available (Lighter, Quieter, Energy Efficient)

Fluorescent Lights
• Kino Flo – Image 85
• Molescent – 120W 8-bulb, 160W 4-bulb

Incandescent Lights
• Fresnel – 100/200W Inbetweenie, 300W Betweenie, 650W Tweenie, 1000W Baby, 2000W Junior, 5000W Senior, 10,000W Tener, 20,000W
• Baby Fresnel –1000W Baby Baby, 2000W Baby Junior, 5000W Baby Senior, 10,000W Baby Tener
• Pepper Fresnel – 1000W Baby, 2000W Junior
• Combo – 1000W Baby, 2000W Junior
• Open Face – 600W Teenie-Weenie, 650W Teenie, 1000W Mickey, 2000W Mighty
• Par – Single Globe, 6-globe, 9-globe, 12-globe, 24-globe, 36-globe (1000W per globe)
• All Lights Include Globes, Diffusion Set, Door and Gel Frame

Overhead Lights
• Skypan –5000W, 10,000W, 20,000W
• Space Light

Other Lights
• Wide Variety of Arc, Nook, Softlite, Scoop, Fay Lights and More
• Large Selection of Can and Theatrical Lighting
• All Lights Include Globes, Diffusion and Gel Frame